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I was born in 1981 in a workingclass town in the southern part of Denmark raised by two creative parents & a lot of music. 

I started painting when I was only a baby & during school I always loved the creative projects & the Art lessons. 

My Art is a journey through my life. Painting gives me pleasure when I feel stuck. There is always something whispering to me. That`s the beauty of creativity. It always add calmness to my life. A feeling of being home in my mind, body & soul. When I listen, I realize that I am being led by something much greater than me. The more I listen, the more astounded I am by what lives inside me.

Now I am widely recognized for a unique artistic process with a mix of underground, spirituality & psychedelic journeys with plant medicine. I have traveled around big cities & nature escapes with an open & free mind to understand different cultures, from Street Art to Native American prints to create original, innovative fine Art. All made by hand. 

Next to my work as an artist I am the owner of

A Universe of therapy, Cacao ceremonies, retreats  & journeys with plant medicine. Im in my third year studying Integrative Psychotherapy at Tobiasskolen in Denmark. 

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